Collect The Best Possible Details About The Poker Hands

In these days, more and more people are involving in the poker online. This is quite easy to play and we can play this with an ease. When we talk about the poker hands then we can see so many options which are ranked. The decision of winning always depends on the type of hand. In the following article, check out the information related to the different kind of poker hands.

One pair

If a player gets the three unmatched cards along with the two cards of the same ranking then this is known as the one pair. Now the cards will be compared and the highest ranking will be the winner.

High card

If the five cards are present in the different sequence and these cards are also not having the same suit then this combination is known as the high card. The highest one will defeat the lowest ranking in the comparison.

Two pair

If there are two pairs and one unmatched card then we will call this two pair. Make sure that the pairs have a different rank and in the end, the highest ranking pair will win the game.


The five cards have the sequential ranking but the condition is that the suit should be same of all the cards and the highest ranking will win after comparing.


When all the five cards are different in the sequence and rank but the suit is same. Now when we talk about comparing the types of hands then the highest ranking holder cards will win.

Full house

Two matching cards of the same rank and three other cards are present in the same rank. The highest ranking set of the three will defeat the lowest ranking cards in comparison.